I’ve come to realise that it’s not good to judge a person based on an incident or two of almost similar scenarios. I mean, every man (human) has his own lil idealogy and when other opinions conflict with his, it is only natural for him to defend himself on what he believes in (arrogance aside). I believe that there’s always a fun and normal side of a person if you care to put those conflicting issues aside. Only then, you would realise that he too, is like every one of us out there.

For a weekend flick, go for Click and also The Breakup. I suggest you watch them back-to-back. LOL. Loved both of them. Click made me cry but I had to control it so not to shed a bucket full of tears coz I was not wearing my waterproof mascara (oh, such vanity!) and I had no tissue with me. The Break Up….well….I’d have to say that we could relate to most of it. Haha. It was like, “Hey, they are telling our story”. The whole time I was going, “Saw that????? *points points* Stupid fatty!” and the best part was hearing this from the bf, “He’s a jerk…I’m not like him right??” Dooodooooladida…hmmm? What? Yeah. ***********
Flaunting your assets (not those bouncy ones k), is it good or bad? Do you really need to?[Side track abit]: TOOT TOOT TOOT TOOT!!!! If it weren’t for the damn receipt from the damn purchase of Persuasion, I wouldn’t have stained my wallet. I’m doomed to have all my favourite things in white either stained or scratched even after being a careful freak! I actually almost cried when the stains couldn’t be removed with water or my SALIVA!!! Shocking. I know. But the bf was sweet enough to bring me to Subang Parade so we could hunt for any kinda solvent to remove the stain. Even Zippo couldn’t work ok. Chipap! In the end, I desperately turned to the good ol’ nail polish remover, which obviously removed a lil shine from the surface but heck, I’d rather live without shine than those ugly blue freaking printed stains.

I have had a few of her books but only this time I took notice of their oddly structured sentences (odd coz I don’t write like thatlah). Perhaps I’ve been reading blindly or something. It really made, “I are baboon” look totally correct grammatically.I’m beginning to procrastinate. Not good at all. This is not me. Holidays are bad!


April 24, 2006. Personal. 1 comment.